Rebellious heart
Rebellious heart
2020 • • 1 Seasons • THAI DRAMAFULL THAI DRAMA
0/5 • 0 / 10 IMDb

Lieutenant Phasu, a Thai soldier, was sent to train in the American special forces. He joined the operation with Lieutenant Yupparat. Army officer from Mueang Chai of Khiri Luang State Until becoming best friends, the two were summoned to a rescue mission. Chao Saeng Phu Fa Prince of Chai and Maha Devi, who are being occupied by General Angku of the State of Sao, both smuggle into Chai city. But they couldn't find Chao Luang and Maha Devi because they went to a meeting in another city and found Chao Saeng Chanta and Chao Joi. The princess of the prince is escaping from Hor Kham with On Kham, her close friend. therefore helping to escape from the clutches of the Saul soldiers Yupparat had to have Pasu take Chao Choi to flee across the Thai border. to find Chao Luang and Maha Devi and On Kham

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