Swan wings
Swan wings
2021 • • 1 Seasons • THAI DRAMAFULL THAI DRAMA
0/5 • 0 / 10 IMDb

Tinphat returned from abroad to attend the funeral of his beloved sister Anuch in Lampang. He had just lost his lover Maprang to marry Mack, a young creditor until he had to flee abroad. He was even more devastated when he learned that his sister had committed suicide shortly after the engagement. And the last person Anuch went to meet was Sirote, his fiancee, but Sirote did not attend the funeral at all, while Khun La-Mom, Tinpat's mother, was devastated. Tinphat goes to Sirote to ask about his birthday. But Sirot didn't answer. Even though he knew that Anuch was sad because he shared his heart with other women, Khun Devi Maesirot tried to make Sirirot look good, but Tinpat didn't believe it. Khun Devi forces Sirote to go to Anuch's funeral to show his sincerity before moving to Bangkok and finding a way to catch Linin, a billionaire widow. in which Sirote Long heads down ,

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